19 július, 2018

EUR-CAD sell limit





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  1. While I was working, my sell limit order fulfilled. At this moment the result of the transaction is not too nice. Perhaps I missed something, when I analyzed the chart. But I hope I placed well the stop loss above the broken trendline.
    We will see! But I have to review/reconsider my analyzes which was the base of deal.

  2. While I was at English course, the price turned down from the trendline. It was very close - 8 pips distance - to my stop loss order. I pull my take profit order to the opening price of the deal - to 1,5375.

  3. When the canadian CPI data came out, my transaction closed with 0 pip result.

  4. I examined my analysis, then I came to the conclusion that, I did not commit serious mistake.
    But there were two things, which could made contra effect, as opposed to what I expected, these were:
    - I need to identify that, the moving average is not so strong resistance/support as a trendline,
    - there were a slight divergence on H1 time frame.
    I have recognized these two factors during my revision (until now).
    As the basic theory doesn't seem to be defective, I will continue to pay attention to the EUR/CAD chart, and in case of an appropriate signal, I will reopen the short transaction.

  5. I placed a sell limit order to 1,5399.

  6. While I washed my hair, my sell limit order fulfilled; and the price movement drew the 'head and shulders' candlestick pattern on M5 which I expected for it.
    To tell the truth, after that, I have placed my order, I recognized an upward trendline on H1 time frame. And now the price rebonded from it.
    But now, I need to go to the english course, so what can I do? My stop loss and take profit order is active, so I go and hope the best.
    SL: 1,5449
    TP: 1,5369
    Oh, yes, my Tp is narrower than the Sl, but I am afraid the price will test back the trendline (if it able to break down) - so, I chose a safer Tp.

  7. I have got on the bus toward the language school, and immediately came on my mind my trivial fault.
    If I did not recognize the upward trendline on H1 then, my tp is acceptable. But if I recognized it, and in addition I wrote it down, how could I placed the Tp of a short transaction below the trendline? In this case, you need to place the tp above the trendline. And then, the RR modified 1:5, which is a wrong deal. So I must not open that.
    So, independent of the transaction's result, I committed an elementary mistake.

  8. I closed the deal where I opened that, my loss is the spread.