17 április, 2017

GBP-NZD short

Just a chart without comments.
(It's a little curious from me, but I try to trade on daily time frame.)

5 megjegyzés:

  1. I closed the trade at 1,7847.
    Result: +37 pips.
    I will reopen the trade.

  2. I open two new trades at:
    stop loss orders at: 1,8137 take profit orders at: 1,7687

  3. After, when I opened the two new trades, I saw the flag candlestick pattern on M5 time frame. So, I was thinking on the closing and the reopening.

    Always, when I am uncertain, the best thing what I can do, to close the trade(s). I didn't do it. So now, I am sure in that, I made a mistake.

    Certainly on longer time horizon, I further believe in my idea, so I hold the transactions.

  4. Afternoon, I deleted the stop loss orders, and I went to the shop.
    Now, when I arrived, I see that, one of my trades closed by margin call. The result of it is -408 pips. And as I see now, there is a good chance to that, the other will absolutely clear my account. This is my nicest attraction in the last 1,5 years.

    I did not think that, I need to deal so seriously with the double bottom what I saw on weekly period. Added, I did not trade in the last 1 month, so my senses faded.

    So, my faded trading senses and my indiscipline forcefully brought the result!

  5. The other transation closed with the same method.
    So, I killed my account.