07 február, 2017

AUD-USD short

There are a triple top and an inverse flag on the chart of the AUD-USD chart.

5 megjegyzés:

  1. As I see, the backtest of the neckline happened.
    So I opened a plus short transaction at 0,7624.

  2. After the long sideways movement, the price had not able to break down the long upward trendline (which functions as a support since 23rd of December). Furthermore the price movement formed an ascending triangle on H1 time frame.

    It is making me uncertain, perhaps I did not see something, when I analyzed the chart?!

  3. I opened an added short transaction at 0,7626.

  4. I closed one of the three transaction.
    Opened: 0,7624 Closed: 0,7661 Result: -37 pips.

  5. I closed the other two trades as well.
    Opened: 0,7613 Closed: 0,7635 Result: -22 pips.
    Opened: 0,7626 Closed: 0,7634 Result: - 8 pips.